CAL-K 7-0-7-7 (Ca)




This dynamic product adds Calcium and Potassium to the grower’s toolbox.  A proven winner in the root zone and upstairs, Cal-K can be applied in the soil, or, as a foliar.  

Contains High Quality Ingredients:

  • A unique blend of Nitrogen, Calcium and Potassium.
  • Potassium derived from liquid potassium hydroxide.
  • Is made from Soluble Calcium Nitrate.
  • Has a lower salt index than most commercial fertilizers.
  • A liquid concentrate that requires less handling.
  • Very safe and easy to apply.

Calcium Benefits:

  • Is a direct nutrient source for growing plants and acts as a buffer/carrier for other nutrients.
  • Is essential to healthy cell walls (in the form of calcium pectrate).
  • Increases microbial population and activity in the soil.
  • Significantly reduces disease pressure from soil-borne fungal pathogens: fusarium and verticillium wilt, phytophera, sclerotium rolfsii, clubfoot, and numerous other diseases.

Potassium Benefits:

  • Essential for translocation of sugars.
  • Essential for starch formation.
  • Required in the opening and closing of stomata.
  • Important for efficient water use.
  • Encourages root growth.
  • Increases crop resistance to disease.
  • Increases size and quality of fruits.
  • Essential for high-quality forage crops.
  • Useful on all crops grown on various types of soil under any climate conditions.