Foliar Crop Shield (3-4.5-2)


UG Foliar Crop Shield is one of our “Flagship” products at Ultra Gro.  Well-known for sunburn protection in cannery tomatoes, this product does more than protect against heat and cold.  It contains a mixture of highly effective nutrients and water-soluble biodegradable material. Macro- and micro-nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, zinc, iron, manganese, copper cobalt, and molybdenum are all included. All told, this combination will feed the plant necessary nutrients and protect it from the heat and frost stress.

Benefits of Foliar Crop Shield:

  • Slows down the release of moisture, yet allows the plant to breathe, due to the minute spaces between the molecules.  It is not a polymer.
  • Since the coating is “natural” vs. “synthetic,” plant growth and development are not inhibited in any way.
  • Aids in preventing frost or freeze damage as well as in retarding the drying and chilling effects of the wind.
  • In arid regions the coating provides thermal insulation for crops, thus greatly retarding heat absorption. By reducing heat stress in this fashion, plants can survive in good health, even with the present lowered availabilities of irrigation waters.

Reduces cost by:

  • Acting as a reservoir for foliar nutrients and micronutrients for prolonged absorption.
  • Lowering the normally required amounts of foliar nutrients and other additives by more than 10%.

Foliar Crop Shield:

  • Has a neutral PH and a lower salt index than most commercial fertilizers.
  • Contains a small amount of humic acid.
  • Is a liquid concentrate which requires less handling.
  • Very safe and easy to apply.
  • Works on all crops grown on various types of soil under cold and heat stress conditions.