Ultra Gro ZMB is an enhanced blend of micronutrients, specifically formulated to maximize its bioavailability. This is a high-quality formulation for efficient delivery of essential micronutrients (Zn, Mn, B, and Fe) as part of a total fertility program to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies.


What It Does

  • Foliar delivery of key micronutrients
  • Decreases stress
  • Increases potential for maximum genetic expression of crops
  • Prevents or corrects Zn, Mn, B and Fe deficiencies
  • Supplements standard fertility program


What That Means

  • Low-cost and efficient delivery of micronutrients
  • Improved plant health and performance
  • Ensures adequate nutrition for maximum yield


A Unique Composition

  • Yeast Zn-Mn-B is a bioavailable complex fermentation derived blend where the yeast is grown in the presence of Zn-Mn.
  • Complexed and chelated with organic acids, citric-lactic-malic, amino acids and IDA-gluconate-Edta, yeast-zinc-manganese complex. The complexes and chelates maximize the uptake and translation within the plant.
  • Boron is combined with amino acids and B vitamins to increase uptake and translations.
  • Iron in citric acid and lactic acid complexed with the addition of siderophore ferment extract with Edta.
  • Copper is a sugar-amino acid complex with Edta.