Plant-ready and versatile, this fertilizer is widely used early in the growth cycle and is very popular as a starter fertilizer in row crops.  It features a double minor package to help cover those unidentified “limiting factors”. 8-16-8 is both easy to use and effective.

Contains High Quality Ingredients:

  • Nitrogen from aqua ammonia and white prilled lo-biuret urea.
  • Phosphorous from furnace-grade white phosphoric acid.
  • Potassium from liquid potassium hydroxide.

Ultra Gro 8-16-8:

  • Is a true solution, not just particles suspended in a liquid, like many other liquid fertilizers.
  • Is consistent and will not settle out.
  • Each and every drop contains the exact ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
  • Has a lower salt index than most commercial fertilizers.
  • Contains three different strands of biologics
  • Contains a small amount of humic/fulvic acid.
  • Is an excellent foliar feed for your plants.
  • Is liquid concentrate that requires less handling and volume.
  • Very safe and easy to apply.
  • Useful on all crops grown on various types of soil under any climate conditions.