Our products are different. They are built to be plant-ready. They are highly soluble and readily available. To achieve high solubility and ready-availability, we start by using the highest grade ingredients available in the marketplace. Specific strains of bacteria are paired with all of our products. To enhance uptake, most of our products include a blend of organic acids. Our NPK’s all have a liberal backgrounding of minors.


After many years of trial and error, we have come to learn that there is not one particular answer to the agronomic challenges put before us – fertility products need to have a broad span of makeup and characteristics. With that in mind, we have developed products using tried and true practices found in both chemistry and biology. Our products are balanced. They are easy to use. They work.


Browse through the products below, and click “Learn More” for full product details. 


  • Calcium Soil Treatment (6-0-0-8)
  • Meet the Ultra Gro Flag Bearer. This treatment is made with our time-proven blend of Biologicals, 25+ ingredients, with N and Ca.

  • Foliar Crop Shield (3-4.5-2)
  • Fortified with fertilizer, this product helps to protect and reduce stress during severe heat and cold.


  • 2-17-17
  • Meet our most popular product. 2-7-17 is both plant-ready and versatile.

  • 8-16-8
  • Plant-ready and versatile, this fertilizer is very popular as a starter fertilizer in row crops.

  • 7-14-7
  • This blend benefits our growers with a combination of highly soluble fertilizer with Fish Extract and Kelp.

  • N Plus (25-0-0)
  • We have formulated this versatile product to enhance uptake and increase utilization.

  • Quic-K (0-0-24)
  • Quic-K is a hybrid of an inorganic salt and organic salt making it a truly unique foliar fertilizer.

  • sPeKtrum
  • This product is an enhanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium micronutrients.


  • Cal 9 (6-0-0-9)
  • This Calcium workhorse is fortified with natural surfactants and organic acids.

  • UG Thio Plex
  • Calcium and Sulfur blended with bacteria for greater uptake and availability.

  • CAL-K (7-0-7-7)
  • This dynamic product adds Calcium and Potassium to the grower’s toolbox.

  • CAL-Kix
  • Cal-Kix is a low salt index, liquid fertilizer ideally formulated for ease of nutrient uptake.


  • Organic Soil Booster
  • This unique booster features beneficial bacteria without the pathogens, sustained with its own food source.

  • Ultra Gro Acidifier
  • The latest technology in lowering pH in your water. Increase efficacy of fertility and keep your system clean.

  • Ultra Gro Control
  • Fertilizer that adds protection. The inclusion of Control in a thrombosis program approach to maximizing plant potential.

  • Ultra Gro Nutri-Pac
  • Balanced micronutrients in ratios optimized for maximum plant growth, maintenance and crop sustainability.

  • Ultra Gro ZMB
  • This fertilizer is an enhanced blend of micronutrients, specifically formulated to maximize its bioavailability.

  • Ultra Gro Game Changer
  • Our-nutrient enhanced solar protectant and abiotic stress relief product.

  • Ultra Gro Boost-23
  • This fertilizer is a concentrated source of essential, high-quality nutrients to enhance fruit and nut size.

  • Excite Seaweed
  • Excite Seaweed is an organically approved seaweed extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum) from the Atlantic Ocean.