Cal 9



This Calcium Workhorse has been used by Ultra Gro Farmers for many years.  Fortified with natural surfactants, it’s different, it is 100% soluble and available.  A great way to build nature’s most prevalent nutrient in your crops.
Cal 9:
  • Is made from Soluble Calcium Nitrate.
  • Is a direct nutrient source for growing plant and acts as a buffer/carrier for other nutrients.
  • Is essential to healthy cell walls (in the form of calcium pectate).
  • Increases microbial population and activity in the soil.
  • Significantly reduces disease pressure from soil-borne fungal pathogens: fusarium and verticillium wilt, phytophera, sclerotium rolfsii, clubfoot and numerous other diseases.
Cal 9 is unique because it:
  • Is totally and immediately available and 100% water soluble.
  • Is pure, clean, clear and contains very little heavy metals or extraneous salts.
  • Contains no ammonium nitrate or chlorides.
  • Is a natural carbon source for enhanced microbial activity.
  • Is a nitrogen stabilizer (It slows the denitrification rate).
  • Is non corrosive.
Improves the soil on a physical basis by:
  • Improving the tilth and friability
  • Increasing the nutrient holding capacity. ( Like mini magnet, it expands platelets of the clay colloid, and actually increases the surface area so more nutrients can be held.)
  • Increasing both water penetration ability and water holding capacity.
  • Increasing essential aeration (oxidation).
Cal 9 is:
  • Effectively applied to soil through drip or sprinkler systems.
  • A liquid concentrate that requires less handling and volume.
  • Safe and very easy to apply.