Ultra Gro BOOST-23 is a concentrated source of three major nutrients to provide readily available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that contains a full micronutrient package to all types of crops. This combination of essential, high-quality nutrients at specific ratios provides optimum uptake, enhancing fruit and nut size and production.

Ultra Gro BOOST-23 nitrogen from Triazone-CRN which enhances nitrogen absorption, translocation and remobilization, thus providing an immediate plant response. Triazone-CRN liquid fertilizer functions as an efficient source of nitrogen at critical growth stages in all crops.


Ultra Gro BOOST-23 also provides a direct plant response supported by phosphate/phosphite blend for the release of stored energy not only through the Krebs Cycle but also to drive secondary metabolic responses and as a precursor to amino acids, leading to greater crop reaction. It enhances nutrient uptake to improve plant health and vigor, resulting in better plant nutrition, higher fruit quality, leading to increased yield potential.


Ultra Gro BOOST-23 supplies beneficial, carbon, carbon-based organic material, promoting microbial activity and nutrient availability to the plant. As a result, Ultra Gro BOOST-23 is extremely clean, containing no unwanted sodium and chlorides that negatively affect growth and productivity. Ultra Gro BOOST-23 is a highly soluble, liquid formula, held in solution for effortless applications and fantastic results.

Key Benefits

■ Applied directly to the leaf surface for rapid absorption

■ Delivering enhanced foliar uptake over an extended period.

■ Low salt index and low levels of ammonia and biuret, it is a safe fertilizer solution

■ Compatible with a wide range of micronutrients and plant protection chemicals

■ Improves photosynthesis

■ Aids overall plant establishment

■ Drives secondary metabolic responses

Its use is suggested as a supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve overall quality. Do not mix with strong acid products.