Dormancy Enhancement


Improve your chances for better dormancy with Ultra Gro Crop Shield.


• Dr. David Doll showed positive results in helping pistachios accumulate chill hours by applying sun reflection products

• Ultra Gro has several examples of heat reduction/sun refraction using the time-tested “UG Crop Shield” product

• Two applications of UG Crop Shield is an inexpensive insurance policy for growers to use going into the On-Year

The Problem: Too Much Light

Falling asleep with the reading light on in your face makes for a bad night’s sleep. The same goes for a tree. When we use a heat gun and test the temps of trunks and limbs during the daylight hours on a cold winter day, it’s much warmer than the ambient temperature, and struggles to attain and maintain dormancy.

The UG Solution: Crop Shield

Ultra Gro has been treating plants for heat stress for over 30 years using foliar applications of UG Crop Shield. With the active compound of Titanium Dioxide, we refract the light and surface temps are dramatically lower than untreated blocks.

It’s Warm Out There

• A lack of chill hours in recent years has caused large problems for pistachio growers

• A study we conducted in 2018 showed an improvement of 209 lbs per acre on trees using Crop Shield

• Almond trees in other tests have shown a 5-7 day delay in bloom

• Crop Shield is easy to apply by air (10 gallon ride) or by ground rig (50 gallon ride)

The Price is Right

UG Crop Shield starts at $24 per gallon. Each application calls for a 1 gallon shot. We recommend 1 application every 30 days. The first application goes on right after leaf-drop (probably December). The second application goes on if “chill” is still sub-par in January. 

Ready to get started?

Every operation is unique. Give us a call and we’ll connect you with a Crop Advisor who will tailor a plan to your farm’s needs.