Ultra Gro for Strawberries


The strawberry is an herbaceous (non-woody), perennial plant with a crown borne on very short stems and has a dense root system. Strawberry inflorescences (flowers) that develop into fruit are borne on terminal buds of the primary and secondary branches (stems). Strawberry fruit is not a true fruit, but swollen summit of flower stalk (receptacle) on which the tiny seeds (achenes) develop externally. The development of the edible part of the fruit depends on a hormonal balance during seed development. Any interruption of that balance due to lack of suitable nutrition results in malformed fruit. Abnormal soil pH and salinity caused by chloride and sodium ions are very harmful to the crop. Strawberries need high levels of nitrogen, potassium, and a moderate supply of phosphorus. For maximum production, fruit size and sugars, fertilizers should be applied throughout the growing season.

Ultra Gro Soil Treatment

-Reduces Chloride and Sodium in the root zone

-Converts locked up elements to available nutrients

-Increases water penetration and retention

-Softens soil for improved tilth and root development

Ultra Gro 8-16-8
and 2-17-17

-Lowest in Salt Index

-Highest in Nutrient Availability & Solubility

-Lowest in Harmful Heavy Metals

-Formulated for Foliar and Soil Applications

Ultra Gro Soil Treatment is essential for proper utilization of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Its other ingredients maintain hormonal balance during fruit and seed (achenes) development. It effectively aids in reduction of chlorides and sodium salts in the root zone. Ultra Gro 8-16-8 and 2-17-17 are proven sources of nutrients for healthy plant maturation, vivid red color, excellent flavor and sweeter taste. They also increase flowering and improve fruit set throughout the season. Ultra Gro products are easily applied through drip systems and NPK products are also formulated for excellent foliar responses. 

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