The UG product line suits Valley melon growers well. We help in the root zone with our Soil Treatment and Calcium, build a canopy, enhance the bloom and build brix with our foliars, and protect against sunburn with the Ultra Gro Crop Shield. We offer a truly diverse tool chest for today’s melon growers.



At Planting: (per acre) “Pop Up”
2-3 Gallons 2-17-17 Plus (Banded on seed with planter)

Pre-Plant, At planting or Side Dress: (per acre) Starter Fertilizer.
6-8 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus (Side dress 2″ down in soil and 2″ from plant)

After Planting: 
(per acre)
1 Gallon 6-0-0-8 Soil Treatment (Side dress with UN-32)

30 Days after planting: 
(per acre)
When plants are 10″ to 12″ across (Optional)
2 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / 2-17-17 Plus (Foliar)

6 Weeks prior to harvest:
 (per acre)
2-3 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / 2-17-17 Plus (Foliar)
1 Gallon 3-4.5-2 Crop Shield (Foliar)

  • Recommendations will vary according to Tissue and Soil Analysis.
  • Trace Elements should be applied with Foliars, Traces being determined by Tissue and Soil Analysis for best results.
  • For any other variables consult with your Ultra Gro Representative.
  • Apply normal Nitrogen program.