For many years, cotton was a mainstay in the Ultra Gro crop rotation. As acreage has shifted to Pima, Ultra Gro has stayed in the mix as our products continue to help growers transition from “survival mode” to “maximum-production mode”.


Ultra Gro team members serving your area:


Kern County: Steve Best, Dennis Laux

Eastside: Dustin Stewart, Frank Casares

Huron/Mendota/Firebaugh: Eric MacBean, Craig Fourchy, Rich Kreps

Dos Palos/Los Banos/Merced: Albert Rascon, Derek Sissom, Rich Kreps




1st Application:  Side Dress with Nitrogen or with Irrigation: (per acre)
1 Gallon 6-0-0-8 Calcium Soil Treatment (apply to soil)

2nd Application: Bloom Stage (First Flower) (per acre)
3 Gallons 2-17-17 (Foliar)

  • Recommendations will vary depending on Soil and Tissue Analysis.
  • For any other variables, check with your Ultra Gro Representative.
  • Apply normal Nitrogen Program.